Time to Eat – A Weekly Time Saving Tip and Recipe

This week’s tip: Use
Google to convert measurements. Simply type in the conversion you are looking
for like “cups in gallon” and the answer comes up instantly.


We’ve been making
this recipe for years. It was from a Betty Crocker Recipe Magazine many years
ago. Easy and delicious!

Hamburger Packets


1 pound of hamburger, made
into 4 patties

4 russet or 8-12 small red
potatoes, cut up

Baby carrots

1 bundle of green onions,

4 T butter

Garlic salt



Cut 4 large squares of
time foil. Place one hamburger patty on each piece of foil. Surround the patty
with potatoes and carrots. Season with garlic salt and pepper. Put about 1 T of
butter in each packet. Sprinkle green onions over the top.


Grill at 350 degrees on
medium, non direct heat for about 20-30 minutes.

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