Resilience: The ability to adapt to life’s misfortunes and setbacks.

In the last month, my resilience has been tested. And, I felt like I failed completely. When one stressful event after another happened, I stopped all self care and went directly into feeling sorry for myself, anxiety and depression.

In my work supporting clients as a VA and coaching clients on productivity, I am usually the preacher of all things self care. I encourage clients to delegate, take time for themselves and create systems that allow them to make self care a priority. In my own life, I struggle, sometimes even more than my clients do.

The key to managing stress and building resilience is to surrender to it and realize that you have little or no control over the situation. Create a system of habits that are so set in stone that even under stressful circumstances you can keep self care going and allow yourself to get back on track much sooner.

So, how do you build resilience?

  1. Put yourself first – Make self care your first priority. Create habits and routines including exercise, nutrition, sleep and spiritual practice. Find an accountability partner to be sure you stay on track.
  2. Ask for help – When disaster strikes, don’t try to do it all yourself.
  3. Be proactive – Take action instead of retreating.
  4. Remember “This too shall pass”.

How do you handle stress and build resilience in your life?

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