Organize: 20 Minutes at a Time

Overwhelm is a huge problem for many people. If your office is cluttered and disorganized, it can be extremely difficult to find the energy and motivation to start digging out. Where do you begin?

Like any big project, the key is to break it down into smaller tasks so it’s more manageable. Try to work on it for just 20 minutes a day. Here’s what you might get done in 20 minutes:

  1. Clean out a file drawer.
  2. Clean a desk drawer.
  3. See how many electronic files you can clean out, creating new folders.
  4. Remove everything from your desk, clean it and put back only what needs to be there. Put the rest in a box to sort tomorrow.
  5. Sort the box from yesterday. Donate, recycle, trash.
  6. Clean up your computer desk top. Remove unused icons.
  7. Clean out your pen holder.
  8. Clean off a bookshelf. Donate books you no longer need.

If after 20 minutes you feel motivated to continue, by all means, do. If not, begin again tomorrow.

Remember that once your office is organized it takes maintenance to keep it that way. Still set aside 15-20 minutes a day to put things away and keep your desk looking neat and tidy.

Tackling any big project this way is sure to help ease overwhelm and make some serious progress on your goal to creating an organized space.

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