Go for the Goldy’s

I finished my 5th 5K in a little over a year. Goldy’s 5K is so fun. It starts and ends at TCF Bank Stadium at the University of Minnesota. When you cross the finish line, you are on the jumbotron for all to see.

I am not a runner. I run and then I walk. It’s a process but I always get to the finish line. I don’t care about my time and I try not to look ahead of me or behind me. People pass me and then I run and I pass people. It doesn’t matter. It’s all about being out with other like-minded people, being in nature, experiencing a sense of community and experiencing life.

Each time I finish a race, I send Max a picture. He always thinks I won the race and he is so proud of me. To me, it doesn’t matter if I come in 1st or 8001st. What matters is that I did it and I was part of something. Whatever it is for you, just do it.

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