Finding Creativity in My Left Brained World

I always used to say “I’m left brained. I’m logical and linear. I’m not creative.” My friend, Kelly, used to say “I’m right brained. I’m creative and scattered. I’m not organized.”

It turns out that we were both wrong.  I met Kelly Pratt about a year ago through the Minneapolis based networking group, Women In Networking (WIN). We connected right away. I think it was because we seemed so opposite and we were interested in what we could teach each other. Plus, we both love hanging out with really cool, smart women!

Kelly and I started collaborating and talking about the struggles we each faced in our own worlds that seemed so different. She wanted more structure and organization. I wanted to feel more free and creative.

So, Rhythm + Flow was born. Kelly and I recognized that if we felt this way, there were a lot of other people who were struggling with either wanting to be more creative or more organized. We wanted to teach people that they really don’t have to choose. You can be both. Rhythm + Flow is a creative abundance mini retreat to explore the sweet spot where productivity, creativity and abundance meet. We are thrilled to be sharing a short version of the workshop at the WIN Conference this month and in our 3-hour workshop on March 7.

A bonus of the March 7 workshop is that participants receive the Rhythm + Flow planner, a customized planner created by Kelly. It includes weekly planning pages and a calendar but it also has fun tools like Planning with Intention, Gratitude Journal, a Manifesto (see mine in the photo) and other fun worksheets.

Using Kelly’s planner helped me see my creative side. For me, it’s all about stillness, play, connection and self-care.  My planner is personal and a tool to keep exploring and growing. And, in finding my creative side, I feel more productive.

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