Celebrating 10 Years

It was March 30, 2000. Ten years ago today I graduated from
AssistU as a Certified Professional Virtual Assistant and started my business
as a VA. Nobody that I knew had heard of Virtual Assistance back then. It was Y2K and the
internet was so new to most people.  I
remember my friends and family warning me that AssistU may not be legitimate. They
were all concerned and said I should be cautious and really know what I was
getting into. While I appreciated their concern, I knew deep in my heart that
this was what I wanted to do and I also knew that AssistU was the only place to
start. It turned out that I was right. I’m still here, 10 years later, and so is


In those 10 years, I have worked with many smart, successful small business
owners. I currently have 9 wonderful clients and 5 of those clients have been
with me for 9 years.


I feel very blessed today – blessed that I have had such
great opportunities. But I am also quite proud of myself today. I feel proud that I started my own business and have kept it going for 10 years. Proud that I stepped
out of my comfort zone, listened to my wise self and attracted such amazing


Now it’s time to ask, “What can I create in the next 10


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