Always Answer the Door!

I have to admit it. I never used to answer the door. I would hide and peek out the window to see who was there. Was it someone selling magazines, books or frozen steaks? Or a Boy Scout selling wreathes or cookie dough? Or, my personal favorite, someone holding a Bible? It didn’t matter. I wasn’t buying what they were selling. I didn’t want to be bothered and I really didn’t want to have to say “no” or buy something I didn’t want or need out my own self-inflicted guilt.

One day, a little over a year ago, I answered the door. It was a cold spring day and before me stood a man in a black stocking cap. He had no uniform and no signage on his car. I’m not entirely sure why I thought it was wise to open the door for him and not for a Boy Scout, but I did. He told me he represented a local trash company and wanted to know if I was interested in changing my service. We started chatting about our work, networking groups, kids and divorce. We had a lot in common and made an instant connection.  I didn’t have any attachment to my current trash service and it was cheaper, so I signed up.

Over the next year, he and I connected at different events. We shared resources and got to know each other’s businesses and we soon became advocates for each other. In May, he attended my Find Your Flow workshop. After the workshop, he told me he realized he was in the wrong job. He hated it and he worked too much. He had no time for his kids and he had no personal life. He knew he needed to make a change.

Also, during the last year I started working with an Intuitive Coach. I distinctly remember a conversation we had about doors opening and closing. She said “No one ever talks about the hallway. What do you do when one door closes and you’re waiting for the next one to open? You are in the hallway, learning and gathering strength, so that you are ready when the next door opens.” Brilliant, that.

About 3 weeks ago, I got an email from the man in the black stocking cap. He told me that because of my workshop, he quit his job and has a new job that he really enjoys. He has more time for his kids and for his personal life. We agreed to meet for lunch to catch up. We chatted about work, networking, kids and divorce. He also told me he has had a crush on me since we first met! The cool thing is that I really like him too. Because neither of us had any idea that the networking lunch would turn into a date, we call that date number 0.5. We are now going on date number 6.5 and we are truly enjoying getting to know each other better.

I’m not sure what’s next for us but I do know that there was a reason I opened the door that day. We were meant to meet.  And, I know that if it’s not the right door, you can always close it but if you don’t open it, you’ll never know.

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Always Answer the Door! — 4 Comments

  1. Fantastic!! Thanks for sharing that wonderful story! It’s so refreshing to read about someone who has allowed herself to open up to a new person and a fresh experience. I’m so glad he’s turned into someone special for you!

  2. Amy, loved your story! All true! You never know until you take the leap of faith who will be at the door & how it can impact your life. As Pam Belding says. “One thing can change everything.”
    Hugs to you.

  3. Hi Amy! LOVE this. Thanks so much for the reminder to put yourself out there. I remember seeing a quote once that said something like: “When opportunity comes knocking, open the door…even if you’re in your bathrobe!” Same idea. Grab life when it’s there. I’m glad you did just that. Love!

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