31 Days of Wishes: Days 25 and 26 – Play and More Play

For the first time, we had no plans for Christmas Day. Every year we rush to a family gathering but this year, because of the snow, we stayed home. Our only plan was to open gifts and play in the snow. That's exactly what we did. After the kids opened their gifts, we headed outside to dig out for the second time in 2 days. Even though it was hard work shoveling and plowing the heavy, wet snow, it was magical and fun. Mya helped the neighbors build a snowman and they climbed the huge piles of snow. We took the kids on sled rides down the snow covered road and then we came in and watched "Up" (loved it!), had popcorn and then headed back outside for another sled ride around our neighborhood. Today our wish is more of the same. Just play.

12-09 017
12-09 026
12-09 028
12-09 032

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