31 Days of Wishes: Day 29 – Contentment

My wonderful esthetician, Margie has a tradition of allowing her clients to randomly choose an Angel card after their services. She then reads a passage from Meditating with the Angels for that Angel. After wishing for Gratitude yesterday, I chose the Angel of Gratitude. Someone trying to tell me something?

The passage reads:

"I give thanks and appreciate each conscious moment of my life. It is very important to feel gratitude for all that we have been able to accomplish. When we look at who we really are here and now, we open to the wonderful source of spiritual energy that eternally flows in our lives. The feeling of gratitude fills our hearts and uplifts the vibrations of all that is around us."

My wish for today is that in the coming year I will find a sense of contentment in my life. That everything I do and everything I have is enough. I will live in a place of contentment and gratitude. It sounds like a divine place.

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