31 Days of Wishes: Day 24 – Christmas Wonder

When I was 7 years old I started to have serious doubts about the true existence of Santa Clause. I had 4 older siblings and I started to hear things that just didn't make sense. That Christmas eve was like every other I could remember. We packed up the car and drove to my Grandma's house. It had just snowed that day so there was beautiful fresh snow covering everything. Grandma always made Christmas magical. Her house was beautifully decorated and there were presents stacked half way up the tree and all around it. We had a wonderful meal and then opened gifts. As we made our way home, we were walking up the sidewalk and one my my brothers said "Amy, look at the roof!" There on the roof I saw perfect sleigh and reindeer tracks. Nothing else had disturbed the snow. I was in awe. Could it really be Santa's sleigh? I turned to my mom and said "I do believe mom, I really do!" Over the years nobody fessed up to making the tracks on the roof and to this day they still insist it was Santa. I guess I'll never know for sure. Today I wish to see the joy and wonder of Christmas in my kids' eyes.

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