31 Days of Clearning: Day 4 – Letting Go of Your Stuff

If you have ever seen the show Hoarders on A&E, you know that there are psychological and emotional issues involved with stuff. Many of the people featured on the show have had some kind of loss or trauma that triggered or compounded their hoarding behaviors. While most people are not hoarders to the degree we see on the show, holding on to stuff is a significant problem for a lot of people.

Some of the reasons people won’t let go are:

1.      I
love it

2.      I
might need it someday

3.      It
was a special gift

4.      It
was expensive

While you go on your Clearning journey this month there may be things you
come across that are difficult to part with. There may be an emotional attachment
or guilt involved with parting with it. The fact is that there is just not
enough room in your life or your home for everything. Focus on surrounding
yourself with things you truly need and love.

The Basic Rules:

1.      If
you don’t love it, get rid of it.

2.      If
you haven’t used it in a year, you probably don’t need it. Get rid of it.

3.      If
you use it and need it, keep it.

4.      If
you love it and have the space for it, keep it.

5.      If
you love it and don’t have the space for it, create a box called re-gift/rotate.
Every so often, take out the box and either rotate an item back onto a shelf by
taking something else away or re-gift an item in the box to someone special.

A friend or professional organizer can be a great support in your journey as
well. Sometimes having someone help you who is not attached to your stuff can
give you a different perspective.

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