31 Days of Clearning: Day 29 – Clearning with Kids

Mya and I clearned her room last
weekend. Our main goal was to go through her toys and find items to donate to
Family and Children’s Service supply drive. We also needed to tackle the mound of papers that had accumulated on her desk.
Mya is an artist. She loves to draw, color and paint. It’s often difficult for
her to part with her artwork.

We started with the desk. I
asked her to go through every paper on her desk and decide if she would keep it
or recycle it. I had to keep reminding her that we needed to quickly decide on
what to do with the papers. She was often distracted and would start playing
with other toys. I just kept bringing her back to the task at hand. Fortunately,
when we were done, the recycle pile was much larger that the keep file. We took
the papers she wanted to keep and put them in a binder.

Next, we went through her
dress up clothes, jewelry and purses. She kept a few things but donated most of
it. Then we went through some other toys and games. It was fairly easy for her
to part with things because she knew they were going to kids who needed them.
We ended up with 3 bags to donate, 1 bag of garbage and 1 bag of recycling.

Recently we started to teach
Mya about saving money and donating to charity. We set up Dave Ramsey’s
Financial Peace Jr.
system. Each week Mya is responsible
for certain task around the house. If she completes the tasks, she gets a
weekly “commission”. Dave Ramsey uses the word commission instead of allowance
so kids get a sense of earning the money. She gets to decide how much money she
spends, saves and donates. It is completely up to her how much goes into each
envelope but she is required to put something into the charity envelope. She
also gets to decide to what charity she wants to give. On Thursday, we will use the money she has saved for charity and purchase a few more items on the
Family and Children’s Service supply drive list. Then we’ll deliver the items
to their Minneapolis

The learning in the
clearning – This was a great opportunity to teach Mya about giving and saving.
I’m sad to say it’s not something that I learned about until I was much older. One of the
joys of being a parent is to be able to pass on your values and help shape your
child into a responsible, resourceful adult. So far, so good.


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