31 Days of Clearning: Day 13 – My clearning journey so far

I've had a very productive month so far on my clearning journey. Since March 1, I have clearned:

My bedroom, my vanity, my jewelry box, Max's bedroom including his closet, toys and drawers, the coat closet, the silverware drawer, my sewing box, the medicine cabinet, the bathroom cupboards, drawers and closet. 

I usually clearn every 6 months or so. I never called it clearning but I did it just the same. What amazes me is what accumulates in 6 months and what I thought was valuable 6 months ago is now not. I"m sure when I do my fall clearning I'll once again be amazed at what I held onto.

Next up, Mya's room. Now there is a project! I'm excited though, because she will be helping me and we will use this opportunity to teach her about clearning and about giving some of her things to people in need. I do love the learning in clearning.

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