30 Days of Thanks

30 days of thanks

Yesterday I caught up on 30 Days of Thanks. I wrote on Facebook that I was thankful for: Andy, Mya, Max, family, home, friends, my
clients, love, opportunity, freedom, peace, nature, yoga pants, dark chocolate,
sharp pencils, AssistU, chick flicks, hand knit slippers, nap time, pedicures,
fall, green tea with honey, the music of Ray Lamontagne, Mom, Dad, holidays at

It's Day 27 and today I'm thankful for my daughter's creativity. She is, as we speak, creating an art museum in our family room. She has created about 20 pieces of art and taped them to the wall. She has a title for each one. The grand opening of "Art Colors Museum" is Saturday at 10:30 am. Don't miss it!

It's Day 27 but it's not too late to play. What are you thankful for?

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