Yes, you can!

All my life I’ve made up that I can’t do things. I would regularly say “No” to activities, invitations and opportunities. I was afraid to try new things, afraid to fail or afraid to look foolish. I was really saying “No” to life.

I’ve had quite a personal transformation over the last 9 months – separation, divorce, 40 pound weight loss, practicing extreme self-care and becoming truly independent for the first time in my life. I am now coming from a place of love instead of fear. I’m coming from a place of “Yes” instead of “No”.

Yes, I can support myself.

Yes, I can golf in a charity tournament even though I’ve never golfed before.

Yes, I can ride 400 miles on the back of a Harley without having an anxiety attack!

Yes, I can lose weight and keep it off.

Yes, I can take care of myself first and not feel selfish.

Yes, I can ask for help when I have too much to do.

Yes, I can run a successful business and do the work that I love.

What are you making up that stops you from taking care of yourself and experiencing life?

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