What’s Next?

I've been a Virtual Assistant for 9 years. I love being a VA and have no intention of stopping. But for the past 7 years I've had a recurring question in my head. "What's next?"  Maybe it's my entrepreneurial spirit or maybe I just get bored easily. Maybe my question should really be "What else is next?".

I've been doing a lot of soul searching lately – probably because I lost a client. I can't decide whether to fill that time with a new VA client or something completely new and different. I have a long list of things that interest me and that might be a good fit for my business. In September I will take part in a business retreat through AssistU. In this retreat I will have the time I need to focus on my business and figure out what direction I want to go. Above all, I want to continue to be a valuable resource for my clients. Maybe this new endeavor will be one of the the things on my list or even several of them. Maybe it will be none of them at all. What I know for sure is that by the end of September I will be headed in the right direction with clarity and intention. Stay tuned!

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What’s Next? — 1 Comment

  1. Hi Amy,
    Great post! I think there is such wonderful value in taking the time to step back and clarify what it is that you really want. Most of us never give ourselves the gift of doing that! It’s great to be excited about and interested in a lot of different things…but where the real satisfaction comes in is when you’re able to narrow it down and focus on what’s really most important and what’s truly calling to you. Good for you for doing the soul-searching.
    Best wishes to you in your journey! Your clients are blessed to have you on their team as someone who enjoys what she does. 🙂

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