Time Management

I was so lucky to participate in a call with the amazing Anastacia Brice of AssistU and Angie Mattson of Mattson Business Services.

We spoke to a group of Virtual Assistants about time management. Time management can be tricky for a lot of people. With information overload, trying to do it all, and an overwhelming inability to say “no”, we just don’t know where to begin.

Though time management is difficult, our advice to the women on the call was really quite simple:

  1. Take care of yourself – to create focus and productivity
  2. Set goals and priorities – to know where you’re going
  3. Put it in your calendar – to know when to get it done
  4. Create a system that works for YOU – to get it done
  5. Make it a habit – to keep getting it done

It really can be that simple. Remember, simple is good.

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