The Obvious is Not Obvious to Everyone

I recently read Stacy’s post on dot connectors and it got me thinking.  Over the years I’ve had many situations where I was
presented with a project or idea from a client and it seemed as if they were
missing what I thought was a very obvious piece.  When I would reply to the
client, mentioning this oh, so obvious piece, their response was almost always,
“Oh, yeah! I didn’t think of that!”  This proves that what YOU know is not
always common knowledge, no matter how “common sense” it seems.  We all
have different experiences, perceptions, values and beliefs. Sometimes we need a
different perspective to see the “obvious”.

Surround yourself with a lot of smart, resourceful people
and share your ideas and dreams with them.  The answer to something you’ve been
struggling with may be obvious to someone else.

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