Take a Break From Reality (TV)

I know I’ve talked (raved!) about Spiritual Cinema Circle
in the past but I felt compelled to mention it again. SCC is a monthly subscription to inspirational and spiritual
films. Each DVD includes three short films and one feature film. Every
month I look forward to receiving the DVD in the mail. I plan time to
sit down (sans kids) to watch the short films on one night and the feature on
another night. This gives me time to watch the discussion after each film.


I’m very excited about a new series they launched called Encounters: Portraits of Inspiring Lives.
The August DVD featured an interview with Jack Canfield followed by a short presentation
where he takes viewers through some exercises to get in touch with what brings
them joy in each area of their lives. Encounters
will feature a different personal growth expert every other month in the


If you haven’t experienced the Spiritual Cinema Circle, give it a try for
free here.

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