Movie Review: The Shift with Dr. Wayne Dyer

Dr. Wayne Dyer is a legend in the self help genre. He is a
world renowned author and speaker who has written over 30 books. This is his
first film and hopefully not his last.


In The Shift, a
movie within a movie, Dr. Dyer plays himself. He is working with a film crew to
create a movie about a change in consciousness called The Shift. The concept of
The Shift is that we start out our lives based in our egos. Our focus is on achievement
and acquiring things. In “the afternoon of our lives”, as Dr. Dyer calls it, we
often experience a shift. Our thinking and priorities change from “What can I get?”
to “How can I serve?”


While Dr. Dyer interacts with his film crew and creates his
film, we see three other stories unfold. While there is minimal contact between
these characters, we feel a connection. They are all shifting to focus on what
truly matters. The Shift is set at Asilomar, an amazing resort in Monterey, California. The film also stars Portia De Rossi, Michael Deluise and Ed


The movie was the feature film in the November 2009 Spiritual Cinema Circle. It is available from Hay House and Amazon.

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Movie Review: The Shift with Dr. Wayne Dyer — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Amy,
    Awesome! My husband and I are members of Spiritual Cinema Circle and saw this one a while back. What an amazing flick! It’s something we’ll definitely be watching more than once. Fun to see it featured here!

  2. Hi Amy,
    I just looked at the trailer. This is a “must have.” Thanks for posting this on Facebook, I wouldn’t have seen this otherwise.

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