Living a Strong Life

I just finished reading
Find Your Strongest Life: What the Happiest and Most Successful Women Do
by Marcus Buckingham.


The book is about
focusing on what matters most, ignoring balance (actually intentional
imbalance) and striving for fullness in your life. It’s about paying attention to what brings you joy. It’s
really the same message we’ve all heard a million times. I believe the biggest
breakdown is that we forget. We forget about ourselves and that the single most
important thing we need to do is take care of ourselves first.


After reading this book I
realized that I’m on the right track with my life and my work. My work with time
management clients
focuses on self care first. I work with clients to review
what matters most and help them set up systems to live the life they want. I’ve
set up systems in my own life to remind myself to take the time to meditate,
exercise, read, and expand my professional and personal development. If I don’t
have systems, I forget.


What systems do you have
in place to help you live a strong life?

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Living a Strong Life — 1 Comment

  1. Hi Amy,
    You are involved in such important work and your clients are blessed to have you on their team!
    Like you, I ‘forget’ without those systems in place! If I don’t have “workout,” for example, on my calendar, something always comes up instead (well, actually – I ‘allow’ those things to come up). 🙂 So I agree that systems are key. I also work with a coach to help me stay on track. There is such power in having someone outside of me saying “Hmmm, what got in the way of you reaching that goal this week?” Very powerful!
    Thanks for the reminder that I’ve got to read this book. Happy weekend!

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