Information Overload

Books It's important to me to stay up to date in my industry and continue my professional development. As a result I am constantly reading books related to professional organizing and productivity.

Recently I read a statistic that 95% of all self help books are never read or utilized. I must say that I had been guilty of this in the past and many of those books are still sitting on my book shelves collecting dust. (I’ve now started borrowing books from the library and then deciding if I want to buy them for my library at home.)

The problem, I think, is that many organizing and productivity books have structured systems that seem to have no flexibility. They are also too long and give too much information.

In working with clients I rarely suggest just one book or system. The systems we create are customized using bits of many books and resources to create what works for them. I suggest that clients read books with an open mind, knowing that they are most likely not going to use every piece of advice the author gives them.

The answer is really to find different things that work for you, create your own customized system and be open and willing to change it as your needs change.

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