Get on Track in 2010! (if you’re ready)

I've never liked the term "resolution". To me, it doesn't make
sense. Why would you "resolve" to change something in your life at
the beginning of the year or at any set time? It's like the person who says
they are going to quit smoking on Monday. If they were really ready to quit,
they would quit right now. Why wait?


People wait because they don’t like change. Change is hard. We get stuck
in our habits and they become easy. We know we “should” change but we aren’t at
that “I’ve had enough!” point. That’s where you need to be if any change in
your life is going to work.

So, if you've had enough
and you're ready to get organized and improve your productivity, here are some
tips to get on track.


  • Gather Your
    Stuff—Know what you have to do
  • Organize—Everything
    has a home
  • Purge—Get rid of
    what is not serving you
  • Delegate—Ask for
    help, work with a VA!
  • Prioritize and Set
    Goals—Decide where you want to be
  • Take Baby
    Steps—Make tasks manageable
  • Monotask—Avoid
  • Track your
    Time—Know where you spend (and waste) your time
  • Eliminate
    Distractions— Turn off the phone, turn off your email program
  • Track your
    Energy—Know when your energy is high
  • Create a Time Map—
    Create a schedule that works for you


And, if you’re not ready, stop beating yourself up about it. Stop comparing
yourself to others. When you’re ready, you’ll make the change.


Skip the RESOLUTIONS this year and look for the SOLUTIONS that can get you
where you want to be.


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