Finding My Shui


I’ve always been intrigued by Feng Shui but I’ve never really learned about it or applied it in my life. I met Rachel Loeslie, a Professional Organizer and Feng Shui Consultant, a few years ago. We became fast friends and started talking about creating a Productivity and Feng Shui workshop.

When we started planning the workshop we thought it would be a great idea for Rachel to “Feng Shui” my office so I really understood the connection between productivity and Feng Shui. I’m very organized and I’m certainly not a pack rat but I did hang on to things that I really didn’t need and had no meaning to me. Rachel helped me get clear on creating energy in my space and only surrounding myself with what really matters.

We looked at the Bagua Map and found the important areas of my office to work on. To me, those were wealth and prosperity and spiritual health and well-being. I added plants, color, candles, chimes and water elements. I removed excess clutter, cleared off surfaces and surrounded myself with only things I love and that have true meaning to me.  I cleaned out files, moved my desk to face my office door and the south east because that’s the best direction for me.

My space is clutter free, beautiful and comfortable. I have already noticed a change in my productivity and clarity.

Learn more about productivity and Feng Shui at our workshop in April.

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Finding My Shui — 1 Comment

  1. Hey Amy,
    I love the idea of Feng Shui and have played with it a bit over the years. Doesn’t clearing space make a huge difference?? I’m not great yet at keeping things cleared… but I’m working on it! One thing that stuck in my mind was about book shelves… i read that Feng Shui suggests that your books be placed in height order and be pulled evenly out to the edge of the shelves. I’ve done this and it’s amazing how “calming” just doing that is! thanks for reminding me of this concept. Can’t wait for your workshop!

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