Clear the Clutter

I hired a babysitter recently and the first thing she said when she came into our home was “It’s so clean!” I would not call my house clean. If you really look you’ll find plenty of dirt, dust and dog hair. I’m not a clean freak, I’m a neat freak. I can’t stand clutter on counters or desks, dishes in the sink or shoes and toys on the floor.

When things pile up I can feel myself getting anxious. Clutter distracts me and I am not able to focus on anything else. If you are a clutter collector I have a challenge for you. Clear the clutter in just one room in your house. Clearing clutter from an office might make you more productive. Clearing clutter from a bedroom might make you feel more relaxed. Give it a try and see how removing just a little bit of clutter can not only clear your space but also clear your mind.

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