Being Present

How present are you? I remember as a child when I would talk
with my mother she was often deep in thought. I never felt like she was
really listening to me. She was a single mother and worked three jobs to make
ends meet. She was definitely not living in the present moment. With her stressful
and demanding life, I can’t blame her for being distracted.

I recently caught
myself doing the same thing to my 6 year old daughter. I was preoccupied and didn’t
really hear her. I realized that I am often somewhere else, thinking about what
else I have to do or where else I have to be. Very rarely am I truly living in
the present moment and experience life to the fullest.

I recently read a book called There Must Be More Than This
by Judith Wright
. It’s about soft addictions and how people often use things
like watching television, surfing the internet or shopping to numb themselves
and disconnect from the world. In this book the author talks about creating
your One Decision. This is a statement that documents your commitment to live
your life in full.

With the help of this book and the wonderful Michelle
, I wrote my One Decision. I start each day reading it and I refer to it
often throughout the day. I consider it a compass that brings me back to my
fulfilling and meaningful life.

My One Decision:

I have decided to live an exceptional life, a conscious
life. I will be present in everything I do. Every action I take will move me
forward to an even more extraordinary life. I am grateful for all that I am and
have. I embrace gratitude, follow my heart, trust in an abundant life,
visualize success, radiate love and put forth pure intentions. I am living a
life worth living by feeling deeply. All experiences are worthy of being
experienced. I already have all that I need and more. There is no need to numb
myself. I can take it. I invite it. I deserve it.

What’s your One Decision?

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