31 Days of Wishes: Day 17 – To believe I’m as cool as my daughter thinks I am

My 6-year old daughter thinks I'm cool. She wanted to have a blog like mine so we created one. She created a life map and decorated her bedroom door with it just like I did on my office door. She makes to-do lists like I do. She loves that our eye color and hair color are the same. She loves 'girl-time' and always wants to watch movies, eat popcorn and snuggle with me. 

I've struggled with self esteem my whole life. I've always been shy and insecure. Mya is a lot like me but I've worked hard to give her the support, encouragement and independence she needs so she won't follow in that path.

She was watching me put on make-up the other day and said "Mom, you look younger and prettier without make-up." Wow. How's that for a boost to your self esteem!

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