31 Days of Self Care: Days 11 and 12 – Journaling

I started journaling again. I have about 6 journals in my bedside table. Each has about 10 or 15 entries from the last 10 years. Each year I buy a new journal, forgetting about he stack of them I already have. Journaling is like meditating for me. It's difficult because I feel like I'm not doing it right. I want complete sentences that make sense and have meaning. Then I think – I can't write THAT, what if someone reads my private thoughts? I do love the feeling of it, though. I love writing about what I'm grateful for, venting about something that really irritated me or remembering something funny that Mya or Max did that day. But it's hard. So, my journaling is not perfect and I have no doubt that I'll stop again and that next year I'll buy another beautiful journal because I forgot about the stack I already have. So, I'll have a partial record of some of the cool moments in my life. I'm not going to beat myself up about it. That is just what I do.

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