31 Days of Self Care: Day 26 – Birthday Wishes and Tears

I was totally overwhelmed with birthday wishes from all of
my family and friends this morning. I received hugs from my family, posts on
Facebook, voice messages and emails. I am so fortunate and grateful to have these amazing people in my life. My dear clients,
Lynae and Georgine sent me a beautiful flower basket. As I took off the plastic
wrap and set it on my table, I started to cry. I sobbed for a long time. I just
couldn’t get it together. I felt so loved and appreciated but I also felt a huge
sense of loss. My Mom died almost 4 years ago. She is the reason I am here and
she always made my birthday so special. Seeing the flowers this morning
reminded me that she would not be stopping by today with a huge hug and a kiss, a beautiful card and a bouquet of white tulips – something
she did every year. 

Today’s self care is to celebrate me and to celebrate my
Mom. She gets the credit for helping me become the amazing woman I am today.
Thank you, Mom. I miss you so much.

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